Effects of bovine growth hormone on humans

December 2nd, 2016

Effects of bovine growth hormone on humans


Endogenous growth hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland. When the pituitary gland is malfunctioning or dysfunctional due to any causes, you have to consult with the health specialists. A professional doctor may suggest growth hormone therapy by means of injections of synthetic growth hormone products. In medical treatments, some kinds of bovine hormone are utilized in human.

However, bovine growth hormone is not recommended one for growth hormone therapy. In the human body, growth hormone helps to find out body composition, brain functions, bone strength and muscle growth. Growth hormone is a hormone which is dependable for most than just height. It is also called as somatotropin. You can find more numbers of supplements that contain bovine growth hormone. Most of the experts will suggest the BGH as a veterinary medication for the usage of dairy farmers. All hormones have an impact on mental, physical and emotional health. An individual may experience a number of symptoms and signs based on age, when the deficiency occurs.

To increase milk production

A growth hormone deficiency is highly noted by short physique in children when compared to other kids in the same age group. An amount of physiological processes are getting affected in adults due to growth hormone deficiencies. It can also contribute to the conditions like decreased muscle strength or mass and osteoporosis. Professional doctors will always look to the reason of the deficiency when it comes to treatment options. You have to remain in mind that medical causes like pituitary gland damages, disease or surgical procedure and age related deficiencies are not treated by the growth hormone therapy.

Doctors will recommend the bovine growth hormone as a veterinary medication for increasing the milk productions. It is mainly to meet the ultimate goals of the treatment. Bovine growth hormone is synthetically created in laboratory surroundings. Mostly dairy farmers will make use of BGH for augmenting the milk production. It is approved and certified by the FDA for enhanced milk creation in cows. But, it is not allowed in Canada and some other countries. There are lots of controversies regarding this hormone widespread in all over the world. But a number of clinical and scientific studies have been showed to affect growth hormone receptors in human.

Used as a bodybuilding supplement

It is also shown that the use of BGH to increase milk production will not provide any harm to humans. A lot of supplement that include bovine growth hormone are available in today’s market. It is used as a bodybuilding supplement by professional bodybuilders and athletes. It is believed that the supplement will stimulate the immune system, accelerate healing processes, provide protection and prevent infections. It is important that you have to talk to your pharmacist or doctor regarding the benefits and side effects of it. You have to be aware that diet, age, diagnosed medical condition and lifestyle can affect the advantages of dietary supplements. You can find this supplement in form of bovine colostrums in the online sites for getting a certain quantity of beneficial substances.